Who we are

Eqwipetrol is a fuel retailing platform that gives independent retailers an opportunity to have a proportional advantage in the market share by increasing efficiency, productivity and security through the use of digital technology. Eqwipetrol App just like Cafu, Uber and Uber Eats is making life as hassle-free as it ever could be. Eqwipetrol App is also involved in the supply of petroleum products to areas beyond the scope of traditional fuel operators. A total of over 400 independent oil dealers operating in remote areas have been included in the joint venture where key oil players will avail fuel products to the retailers through the Eqwipetrol platform.

Petrol station owners too can order their products from the comfort of home and get immediate delivery. At Eqwipetrol, we intend to eliminate the hassle in the ordering, payment, logistics and delivery of the product by automating the process through integration of the financial, requisition, supplying and delivery systems into one secure, user-friendly portal. With this App, petroleum retailers may further expand their business by availing credit from our banking partners and ordering fuel from Eqwipetrol.

Our Mission

To Consumers: Provide quality sustainable products and superior service To Employees: Create and maintain a harmonious, respectful eco-friendly work environment To Business Partners: Create a fair, equal cooperative platform with mutual benefits To Shareholders: Render above-average returns on investmen

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most effective in transforming the independent Oil & Gas industry in East Africa by utilizing our expertise and experience in the technology, banking & retail sectors.

Our Core Vaues

  • Integrity
  • Team Spirit
  • Superior Quality
  • Constant Learning
  • Innovation
  • Consumer Orientation
  • Ethics

Our Objectives

To create bring together all independent fuel station owners and create digital technology platform with strong Kenyan brand that understands our Kenyan needs taking advantage of our strength in numbers to increase efficiency, productivity and security through the use of digital technology.


What we do offer

How the app works

The simple step process by the station owner is?

  • User login: The user logins to the app, looks through the list of petroleum products and chooses the one they wish to order. The app should add various filters to make sure that the choice-making process becomes easier and better.
  • User Confirms Order:The user confirms the order and chooses the mode of payment. The payment could be made by any medium like Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit card, Mobile wallet or integrated in-app wallet.
  • Eqwipetrol Confirms the Order:Once the process is completed from the user’s end Eqwipetrol confirms the order and shares an estimate of how long would it take for them to deliver the product. The app can also predict the time.
  • Eqwipetrol orders the product from a vendor:The ordering process is due to a listed vendor with a competitive pricelist updated daily.
  • Transporter Is Assigned: As the Product is being prepared (Eqwipetrol side securing the product), in the meanwhile the Transport for the order is assigned. Depending on the size of the order, if the order is less than a full truckload (10,000 liters), the system should automatically consolidate orders together with orders from other users within the locality and provide an estimated delivery time.
  • Transporter Collects Order:As the order is prepared, the transporter collects the respective order and sets out for delivery following a GPS route map. vii. Order Delivered: The Transporter delivers the order to the petrol station.
  • With in-app call and location tracking services, the transporter should deliver the product easily and in the shortest time span. The user should also monitor the products journey to the station. ix. Once the order is delivered, to the customer the profit margin is realized through, the transport margin and the product margin.


Join us today

Truck Drivers

1. Valid Good conduct
2. Valid driving license
3. 6 year experience for heavy commercial vehicles 4. EPRA license
5. 2 copies of passport photo
6. Education O level
7. 25 years and above
8. Identification Card

Email: info@eqwipetrol.com

Business Development Executive

• A graduate from a recognized university
• Good communication skills
• 18 years and above
• Can work anywhere within the country
• Aggressive enough to make sales
• 3 years of experience

Interested persons who meet the qualifications are required to send their CV’s and other supporting documents to the email provided below;

Email: info@eqwipetrol.com


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Daisy Drive 67, Gigiri, Nairobi,Kenya


+254 703 278 994


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